Amy MacPherson

Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada

Poverty, Children’s, Women’s and Human Rights adovcate

Founder of Wasaga Cares

Blogger for CBC covering the federal election and Occupy Toronto

Twitter:  MsAmyMacPherson


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Amy,
    I live in Collingwood and I’m an on-air host on 97.7 the Beach. I’ve been here for about two years and am looking for some blogging tips and advice, as it is a large part of our job in radio. I see that you live in Wasaga Beach and blog for the Huffington Post and the CBC. You have great experience and I’d love to chat with you some time if you have a few minutes. Could I email you? Thanks very much for your time.
    Jocelyn 🙂

  2. I am unable to find a contact email for you.

    your article
    Why Are the Freemasons Collecting Our Children’s DNA?

    was interesting.

    I will tell you why they are collecting it.

    So they can track, harass, and kill the intersex children.

    That is their #1 enemy according to their religious beliefs
    and yes it is a religion

    Intersex people are the number one enemy to the masons, who view them as inherently sinful, derived from the mating of angels and humans

    to go into details would take a while.

    if you look into it closely
    you will see.

    They try to kill intersex (hermaphrodite) people any way they can

    But their main thing that they work together on and laugh about
    is harassing and tormenting these people using medical, financial, and police members. The greatest achievement for them is to make an intersex person commit suicide after years of torment and suffering.


  3. Great post on the 99% issue. Just wondering what your reprint policy is? We’re a small online newspaper in Western Canada looking to feature relevant info on subjects like these. No money, alas, but linking and a large readership…

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